Friday, August 1, 2008

Pelosi Book Signing 07.30.08

Before the talk began Politics and Prose (host bookstore) passed around question cards so there was ample opportunity to jam the basket with the $1000 question and any others. Pelosi is a pro at deflecting confrontation. No cameras or videos were allowed - probably the host's policy. It was possible to yell out, but tricky to do without making us look stupid. After the talk some 750 pple lined up to have their books signed, so the time to say all that we wanted was very limited. We came with a handout of the Bush crimes (executive summary of minority report. You can download from AfterDowning). When our turn came to have our book dedicated to CODEPINK:Women for Peace, she greeted us with exceptional charm. We were hyper dressed in Pink. As she was signing we brought up the View and handed (placed beside) her the list of crimes explaining that the ones highlighted had been investigated thoroughly and so would be the easiest ones on which to initiate impeachment proceedings. "Here are the goods - the highlighted ones would take 2 days tops, so there is time for accountability Mame Speaker." Then we brought up Iran, specifically HR 362. She asked what it was and when we told her sever sanctions on Iran she grimaced and said with enthusiasm, "if Congress votes to bomb Iran for refusing to stop enrichment, I will vote "no"". What a bizzarre comment. Then Leslie aked her, "Why did you approve $400 million in covert activity in Iran. That isn't helping a diplomatic efforts?". I guess our time with her had run out because she waved us away and her secret service goons stepped in. There was another fellow in line who was planning to ask the $1000 question. We stupidly forgot to stick around to see his result. Note, that anyone in pink will be closely monitored either by cap police and/or by rent-a-cops on the scene. The rent-a-cop searched all bag before entry for signs and banners, not weapons and there were no metal detectors set up.

Ann & 3 Star Army General -sexual assault hearing

Retired Colonel Ann Wright has been investigating Military Sexual
assault for as long as we have worked together.Today there was an
oversight hearing on the sexual assault issue finally. The military has
not implemented policies to effectively curb this abuse! The DOD as
Cong.Shays stated has been worthless, zero, zilch,do nothings on this
unreported criminal act of military sexual assault.Ann is pictured above
speaking to 3 Star Army General regarding the LaVena Johnson case.
Can we ask you all our constituents to call Cong.Waxman -Oversight to request
hearings.The Johnsn's deserve the truth!
We really need our friends to speak up to encourage movement on this issue!