Sunday, July 27, 2008

7/21 day one

started the day with an activist organizing training camp held by SDS. It was encouraging to meet so many young people concerned about the environment and aware of current issues.

future organizers

James, aka Jamesipedia-the information archeologist

Later that day, John Hagee's Christians United for Israel was holding a convention. James and I attemtped to crash it and we got further than we anticipated without an official membership card and the nominal fee required for entry. It was quite eerie and, as James so eloquently described it, felt like the bowels of the fourth reich. We didn't get into the grand auditorium but we did learn how we could invest in Zion Oil, a company drilling in Israel. They haven't exactly found the oil, yet, but there's a money back guarantee if they never find it and oddly enough the stock of this publicly traded company is trading at 6+. Not bad for an oil company with no oil. I thought, surely, the salesman would open his jacket lapel and show us a selection of lovely watches we might be interested in purchasing.
This was my first protest, ever, so I was excited.

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